Keep Me Posted

Blue Monarch Games

Co-Founder, Solo Engineer

Unity Engine | 06/22 - 08/22 | Team Size: 6


  • Singlehandedly programmed player controller, enemy AI, and quest progression
  • Handled UI implementation and functionality, including drag-and drop inventory management
  • Managed my team's usage of Git on a local server
  • Coordinated Kickstarter planning, reward coordination, and updates
  • Contributed to early ideation and combat design decisions

A screenshot showing the day and task UI

Player Controller and Enemy AI

    The player and enemy units both run using a custom Scriptable-Object based hierarchical state machine framework that I developed.
    This allows for easy implementation of complex behaviour like follow-up attack sequences to improve game feel.
    In addition, this setup enables designers to easily iterate on numbers during balance passes.
    I also implemented A* pathfinding by hand, although I ended up pivoting to using Unity NavMeshes for performance reasons.

Other Game Systems

        Keep Me Posted uses a custom chunk-loading system where only the zones near the player are active to improve performance.
        I created a custom task and interaction system to handle checking off delivered mail and tracking narrative progress.
        As the only programmer, I was in charge of all of the UI implementation. This included making sure menus were controller-navigable and creating a drag-and-drop inventory for picking up mail.

The Blue Monarch team at USC Games Expo


Los Angeles (for now)