Airstrafe Interactive

Tech Design Intern

Unity Engine | 05/23 - 08/23 | Team Size: ~20


  • Overhauled attribute system to improve scalability and iteration time, eliminating redundant work
  • Implemented flexible weather system with zones in an open world
  • Created mockups of UI elements and implemented them in the Unity UI system
  • Added npcs and wrote dialogue to improve new player experience
  • Fixed bugs and kept code quality high in a complex, networked codebase

Items have random attributes, with higher rarities being more powerful

Attribute Overhauls

    One of my tasks was to add a system for random attributes on clothing and items that scales with item rarity.
    During this process, I identified multiple pain points for other designers.
    To improve the iteration process, I created standardized rarity scaling tables so that values didn't have to be edited on every item, and simplified how data was stored to reduce redundant work.
    I also added functionality for new attributes (e.g. + % max health).

Weather Zones

    I also overhauled the game's weather system.
    My new system allowed for weather to inflict status effects like thirst, radiation, or cold.
    It could also add particle systems like snowstorms or post-processing effects like toxic fog to the local player.
    Because Saleblazers is multiplayer and open-world, zones had to properly handle their chunks loading and unloading, as well as have a priority system to handle overlap.
    I also created a Status UI to show both weather statuses and temporary effects like fire damage.

Entering a weather zone adds a post-processing effect and an "irradiated" debuff shown in the top left of the UI - footage is from early access


Los Angeles (for now)